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Customized gene-set builder system on miRNAs

Step 1: Select a species and miRNAs

A maximum of 20 miRNAs is allowed in a single query

Step 2: Result tables i.e. official gene names or their identifiers such as EntrezID, UniGeneID, EnsemblID, etc.

Gene information output format  

Step 3: Customizing parameters

Input parameters Select start position of miRNA seed Minimum seed length and/or p-value
Region(s) of interest Promoter kb  5' UTR CDS   3'UTR
Other databases miRWalk                  MicroT4                  miRanda                  miRBridge            
miRDB                     miRMap                  miRNAMap              PICTAR2             
PITA                        RNA22                    RNAhybrid                Targetscan

Step 4: Output

Query output