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Gene-miRNA interaction information retrieval system

Step 1: Select a species, database and input identifier type

Paste identifiers Ensemblid, gene symbol, HPRDid, MGIid, EntrezID, RefSeqID, OMIMid, Unigeneid, Rgdid, UCSCid, UniProtid or Vegaid

Upload a file Example file

Step 2: Result tables i.e. information on gene location, other identifiers and their associations

Gene information Gene Table Location       Synonym mRNA Table    Homolog   External links
Functional association Gene class Protein class KEGG    WIKI pathways PANTHER GO BP GO MF GO CC

Step 3: Putative miRNA list

Output fields miRNA Identifiers CLIP data CLASH data Select start position of miRNA seed
Input parameters Promoter kb    5' UTR    CDS    3'UTR Minimum seed length and/or p-value
Other databases miRWalk                  MicroT4                  miRanda                  miRBridge            
miRDB                     miRMap                  miRNAMap              PICTAR2             
PITA                        RNA22                    RNAhybrid                Targetscan

Step 4: Output

Query output