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microRNA information retrieval system

Step 1: Select a species, database and input identifier type

Paste identifiers MIID, MIMATid, or miRNA

Upload a file Example file

Step 2: Result tables i.e. information on pre-miRNA, miRNA, miRNAfamily, host gene, etc.

miRNA information miRNA        Similar miRNA        Similar seeds      miR family Alignment Host gene Identifiers
pre-miRNA information pre-miRNA  Stem-loop structure Family alignment Identity

Step 3: Putative target genes list

Output fields Gene Identifiers Select start position of miRNA seed
Input parameters Promoter kb   5' UTR   CDS 3'UTR Minimum seed length and/or p-value
Other databases miRWalk                  MicroT4                  miRanda                  miRBridge            
miRDB                     miRMap                  miRNAMap              PICTAR2             
PITA                        RNA22                    RNAhybrid                Targetscan

Step 4: Enriched functional patterns

Pathway Database     Multitesting     p-value cut-off
Gene ontology GO BP         GO MF     GO CC
Gene class TF                CNVs      MPP           Cell-diff                  Tumor-suppressor                  Homeodomain
Oncogene     Kinases   Histones     House keeping       Translocated cancer genes     Cytokine and growth factors
Panther protein classes All or Select

Step 5: Output

Query output